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Welcome to indirect objects, This is the blog for performance company emergency exit based in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.


indirect objects will be a space for news, commentary and musing about things that are on our mischievous minds as we chug along creating our shows.  The first of those shows is the currently in development RUN LIKE HELL {vagy, menj a pokolba!} which will happen in February 2011 at Buddies in Bad Times Theatre for the Rhubarb Festival- a theatre that has hosted and or co-produced four of our previous adventures.


We look forward to hearing from you,


Kevin and Sean.



Posted By Mr.Kevin and Mr. Sean

Hi, if you happen to be perusing this blog- please read he apple entries in numeric order.

they make more sense that way- but for some reason I could not publish them a s such  :(




Posted By Mr.Kevin and Mr. Sean

For what it’s worth I think the general public is way more savvy and intelligent than any individual member gives themselves credit for.  Is it snobby of us to want to provoke people to think- not necessarily politically, poetically or ethically- just at all.


The best comment that I have ever received after any show I have ever been in or created was from a woman who was in no way shape or form part of the arts community. After emergency exit’s maiden voyage I like you she simply said:

“Thanks, I feel better.”


RUN LIKE HELL (vagy menj a Pokolba) runs from Wednesday til Saturday this week.




Posted By Mr.Kevin and Mr. Sean

This being said, RUN LIKE HELL is by no stretch about apples.  That was merely a lacklustre attempt by me to shed the light and to disintimidate.


By the way which do you prefer as a word “unintimidate” or “disintimidate”?


My whole point of writing this is to invite and to state that the last thing on the agenda of myself or Sean is to look down our noses at you (though physically this action may happen in the show.)  


I guess in a way emergency exit and a wad of other companies in this city are trying to give the audience something a wee bit different- to ask them to make a leap and use their imagination- to fill in blanks that we aren’t going to give them because we have thrown away the spoon.

Posted By Mr.Kevin and Mr. Sean

While I understand that our form of performance belongs to the less “kitchen sink” variety of live entertainment one sees in a theatre; I have always preferred to believe that our ideas themselves are quite universal, rather unintimidating.


Someone close to me recently expressed her concern that she may not understand RUN LIKE HELL. Fair enough- maybe not. However in this case I tried to unintimidate her by saying- imagine a show about apples. In one instance- maybe you would approach this by studying apples and expressing the size, colour, shape, history of agriculture, human migration, who made the first apple pie etc; in another- (more interesting to me) you may explore the impact of “apple”… Its role in mythology, its symbol- or its emotional impact on you, me or someone completely fictional.


Maybe a car at a crime scene found with a trunk full of apples. What on earth were the apples there for?




Most folks know what an apple is- but how often are apples considered?

Posted By Mr.Kevin and Mr. Sean

Here's where it gets tricky.

My Dad says to me the yesterday

"I never understand what goes on on that stage anyway Kev."
He, likely cannot come to see RUN LIKE HELL, for reasons more than mere lack of comprehension.   Am I upset about this?

Yes and no.

Dad's favourite performance of mine is still a monologue from Doctor Faustus I did in a grade 11 drama showcase. The earth was being ripped apart, huge moral questions arose- sin, corruption, playing G_d- it was all in there. I was 16- maybe 17.   What the eff did I know?

Which made me think- what exactly would he not understand about our show. Being self reflexive I have to think- does this mean that emergency exit's ideas are more complex than those of Marlowe? Of Goethe?

I doubt it. Seriously.




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