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open the window because the wind wants in



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run like hell

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rather obsessed with text in the form of ransom notes.

this teamed with the photo booth idea... here one minute, gone the next.

running. hiding. chased.

i see things very dark with white text projected from slide.


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Friday, December 10, 2010


I saw two squirrels today gallivanting around in the lot behind the house.  One of them darts under a car after a scuffle, the other pursues, when suddenly they both pop up on top of one tire from the wheel well.  Are they playing? Territory? Resources? Squirrel war?

Probably just amusing themselves no?

Reminded me of something a fellow worker said to me one time- the primary function of the brain is to seek pleasure and avoid pain. Sorry I have no citation for this.

If this is true does it mean we should really just eat chocolate and wank all day?

Why are we so vain as to assume we have such purpose?

Seems to me the squirrels are perfectly happy.


Nothing is more funny than unhappiness

-Samuel Beckett.




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This may be a load of half baked rubbish but I was once told there is no rubbish in a brain STORM. I have been thinking a lot about the devil and a lot about G_d not necessarily in that order. I like folk stories where the devil or an imp or Death him/herself come round for tea.




I don’t want to turn this into a folk story. I DO want to address the issue of escape and I do like the ideas of fight/ flight or flee (some throw in fuck as well :)!


I think the Gingerbread Man is an historic icon- What if he met the devil, or had to strike a deal with Death Almighty…


What if Mephisto had to collect the soul of the Gingerbread Man; how fast could the little cookie run then hunh?






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