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While I understand that our form of performance belongs to the less “kitchen sink” variety of live entertainment one sees in a theatre; I have always preferred to believe that our ideas themselves are quite universal, rather unintimidating.


Someone close to me recently expressed her concern that she may not understand RUN LIKE HELL. Fair enough- maybe not. However in this case I tried to unintimidate her by saying- imagine a show about apples. In one instance- maybe you would approach this by studying apples and expressing the size, colour, shape, history of agriculture, human migration, who made the first apple pie etc; in another- (more interesting to me) you may explore the impact of “apple”… Its role in mythology, its symbol- or its emotional impact on you, me or someone completely fictional.


Maybe a car at a crime scene found with a trunk full of apples. What on earth were the apples there for?




Most folks know what an apple is- but how often are apples considered?

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