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Here's where it gets tricky.

My Dad says to me the yesterday

"I never understand what goes on on that stage anyway Kev."
He, likely cannot come to see RUN LIKE HELL, for reasons more than mere lack of comprehension.   Am I upset about this?

Yes and no.

Dad's favourite performance of mine is still a monologue from Doctor Faustus I did in a grade 11 drama showcase. The earth was being ripped apart, huge moral questions arose- sin, corruption, playing G_d- it was all in there. I was 16- maybe 17.   What the eff did I know?

Which made me think- what exactly would he not understand about our show. Being self reflexive I have to think- does this mean that emergency exit's ideas are more complex than those of Marlowe? Of Goethe?

I doubt it. Seriously.

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